Hi I’m Judith LUTXANA ART*
Barcelona, 31 years.

I WORK about things related to communication Offline & Online creativity.

I have over 10 years experience in the field of content creation and management offline & online, in the fashion sector, on-line business, service organizations,publishers, advertising agencies.

I’m a creative person and restless, always attent to the latest trends, very professional and easy and quick assimilation of knowledge.


Digital design: graphic design, corporate identity, web design, Internetadvertising campaigns, catalogs, magazines, leaflets, posters, presentations,etc.
Multimedia: illustration, photography, video creations, animations, dynamic presentations, microsites, mailing, bulk sms, newsletters, corporate blogs, etc.
Business: Rock Sanitaris, TMB (Metro), Esloúltimo, Brugor Publicitat, SpocPublicitat, Emacom Marketing, Arcoshop, Sntalent, Geralli Group, Pulpolab,Milcap editorial, etc.
Creating and managing events: microevents, artist management, sponsorship,media gestiión, fairs (Bread & Butter, Food, Bio-cultural, Diversity Festival,Hope festival, etc).
You can see an example of my experience and work in my website: www.lutxana.org

Best regards,

Lutxana art*



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